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Contact Us admin probonoconnect. But we have got to get back into the conversation. We need a response to what is going on in our own cities. If it is not tamed it can chew up a lot of people along the way. Failure on the part of governments and businesses to invest in Africa would leave the way open for China to fill the void, Bono said. Davos is a Swiss ski resort now more famous for hosting the annual four-day conference for the World Economic Forum.

For participants it is a festival of networking.

Is Pro Bono a Misnomer in the World of High Finance?

Who is there? The Edge waits for the food…he is hungry.

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As in the original version, the two of them seem almost childlike. But these two familiar characters are removed from our world, in self-imposed elitism, while simplifying their daily lives and allowing them the creative room to be brilliant at their art. They have long since lost touch with what is truly real and they ache for it.

A neighbor stops by, uninvited of course, with his erstwhile assistant, and the plot really thickens. If you enjoy dark humor, mindless verbosity and tragic comedy all with a bit of pop musical theology then this particular psychological play on the most significant English language play of the 20th century may be right up your proverbial alley. I found it to be a brilliant, playful, whimsically tragic comedy. In short, I loved it. The performances are impeccable. Strange, aloof, twisted and intense.

Just the thing for a sleepy Saturday afternoon in NoHo. After a lifetime of living as a rock legend, Bono hopes that meeting an ordinary pizza delivery person will help put him back in touch with the common man. The Edge is just hungry.

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Writer and director Richard Lucas plays Bono, a man whose fame and fortune has left him in an existential malaise. As he waits impatiently for his pizza to arrive, he also keeps his bandmate The Edge, played by Curt Collier, from sating his own hunger by eating a turnip. The two make a great pair. Bruno Oliver barnstorms the stage as the nearly-philosophical Domingo, challenging the minds of our heroes with his cryptic logic. If you like absurd silliness, treat yourself to this gem of a show.

Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's

Richard Lucas is the likeable, pontificating, genius, Bono. There are also a few clever music parodies in the mix as well. The creative minute piece was written and directed by Richard Lucas, who dresses sharply as the poetic, self-questioning rock icon and pontificates well and humorously in the role.

The premise is simple, superstars Bono and The Edge decide to order pizza by themselves, delivered to their castle, so that they can get in touch with how the other half lives. I guess this is an uncommon activity for rock stars - I'm not sure. Before making its debut in last summer's Hollywood Fringe Festival, the show was first presented years ago in sketch form at a small comedy room on Melrose called The Fake. The show plays Saturday nights at 10pm and has the potential to become a cult favorite. I wonder if members of U2's inner circle have seen it - an endorsement from them would be great.

Full audio review from LATheatreBites.

DEBATE: Amon Cali vs Bono

Feature article on the play during the run-up to the Hollywood Fringe Festival atU2. Feature article in the Ventura County Reporter! Press in San Diego! I mean, the writing is pretty perfect. So are the characterizations and everything else. Instead of Vladimir and Estragon, who in the original have no descriptions at all except that one is a bit heavy and that they are hobos, we have universally renowned rock music icon Bono and lifelong U2 band mate, guitarist, The Edge. Bono orders a pizza delivery to get back in touch with the Common Man, wracked with guilt over his own success and fear of having lost touch with his working class roots.

They speculate on the potential rewards of continuing to wait for the pizza.

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But can come to no definite conclusions as to why they actually should wait; or forgo the temptation of a turnip The Edge has hidden in his pocket; or why not just leave the house and find the delivery guy who must surely be on his way by now. These guys are hungry. Seriously, when are they going to eat? Nobody knows what Lucky is actually supposed to be doing or thinking or what Domingo is actually wanting.

Hell if I know what any of this means…except I do…exactly…just not cerebrally…and more nonsensically…in a way that makes perfect sense.

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Meet the Cast Listed alphabetically. By Parry-Riposte Films. Jeff Blumberg - Lucky has been a fixture in the L. Curt Collier. Jeff Blumberg and Bruno Oliver.

Like the legendary shows Beyond the Fringe, The Mighty Boosh, Bing Hitler, Lucas has served up a dish both cerebral and madcap and pulls it off brilliantly. Makes perfect sense to me. Well, okay, pizza can be kinda existential.