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Middle-aged and older people today are in better health and are planning to work longer. Additionally, according to AARP, some fields are finding it hard to attract qualified younger workers to fill their openings. They will likely have to rely on older workers. Studies suggest they will start offering incentives, such as flexible hours, telecommuting and reduced workloads.

Decide how many more years you want to work. Some of my clients did so, with wonderful results. More Job Search Tips.

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Barb has been helping executive and professional clients with their job searches and career management for 30 years. Job Search After Age Why?

The Power of Discovering Your Why - Maybe I Will

Job Search After Age Reconsidering our views If you are 50 or older, want to keep working and are in a job search , you may feel disheartened. Tricia, at age 54, wanted to transition from customer service to the medical field. I cannot give them my best if I am not my healthiest! I want to live long enough to see their cute babies have babies! I want to be able to play with them and not be too tired!

I want to set an example of healthy living for them so that they too want to eat healthy and exercise so that they will live healthy, long lives as well! Because we all know us parents are the ones with the real power to help make changes! By discovering your why, you will give more power and direction to your goals! Writing out your goals phycially with pen and paper is another way to help you stay motivated and on track! Your email address will not be published.

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Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In some cases, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills directly as opposed to just talking about them in an interview. You may be talking to a potential employer by video rather than in person, if you are interviewed.

Personality assessments, background checks, and drug tests are becoming more and more commonplace. You might have a lengthier and more complicated journey to your dream job than in the past with these developments. A career counselor could be a vital resource for successfully completing each step in your quest of satisfactory employment.

Depending on what you aspire to, you may receive support in networking, strategizing, branding, negotiating, or other elements of your particular process. Everyone wants to spend as much time as possible doing something they love.

The Power of Discovering Your Why

The additional guidance and expertise of a career counselor can go a long way toward helping you achieve all your goals, with all the job possibilities out there. Embark on career counseling in DC through a professional team if you're ready to obtain your dream job. For additional information on The Ca