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But I walked off the field after that drive saying I'll miss that throw all day if it means it's just an incompletion and we punt. If he's going to get my arm and it's a fumble and now they're going in at the plus yard line , that changes the game. Mack's biggest contribution came on first-and in the second quarter.

With a one-on-one battle against right tackle Morgan Moses, the Bears star turned the corner and tomahawked Keenum's right forearm. The football squirted free. Akiem Hicks recovered.

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The Bears offense turned the takeaway into a two-play, yard touchdown drive and a lead. Read More. Melvin Gordon brought something else notable Thursday when he Carson Wentz was of for yards and 3 touchdowns.

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Maybe let your dark sense of humor come out to play or your coy sensuality take over for a decadent evening. These inner parts deserve just as much air to breathe.

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  • A Blended Bouquet: An Anthology by Writers Inc;
  • A Fatal Slip (Sweet Nothings).

Your hidden desires always have a way of speaking through your choices, no matter how hard you try to repress or silence them. Your buried anger? Your clandestine shame? What desires are being silenced? In what ways can you gently invite these parts in, without allowing them to steal the show and sabotage you? Your soul knows deep down that you are meant to be wealthy in every aspect — in relationships, in finances, in career success. Everyone defines abundance in different ways. You are so worthy of it all, even if your internal programming, childhood wounding and societal conditioning have convinced you otherwise.

Society wants to feed you a limited version of what life can be because it is deeply terrified of people who not only go after their big dreams, but require no one else to depend on for their victories. Small-minded people are also haunted by those who succeed in areas that they have yet to thrive in. Self-discipline is admirable and should be cultivated in all areas of your life. Old souls often find comfort in restricting themselves, but what they forget is that relishing the beauties of the physical world can be just as spiritual as sitting down to meditate. Give yourself permission to surrender to what gives you pure, unadulterated ecstasy from time to time.

The detours you take are just another part of your journey. It is vital to allow yourself some indulgences that set your body, mind and soul on fire. I am worthy of the ecstasy that makes life so worth living.

New age philosophies emphasize the power of positive thinking — sometimes to an extent where it can be more harmful than helpful. As humans, our natural instincts drive us to focus on the negative aspects of life to avoid and mitigate potential threats; gratitude helps you balance the emotional seesaw without sacrificing your authenticity.

It gives you access to the boundary-building that you might feel otherwise too timid to undertake. Being open to the pain of life as well as its beauty gives your soul the breathing room it needs to fully function, grow and evolve. Darkness becomes a lot easier to manage when you know that it is giving birth to light. Acknowledging that some things are better left broken and that some people are better off left to their own devices is the passport to your own liberation. Finally leaving the toxic people and experiences that we are most terrified to leave actually upgrades our experience.

As our soul exits damaging environments, it uplevels into higher planes of thinking, feeling and being. Peace becomes our default setting and the chaos that once uprooted our world and aided in our expansion is now a distant memory, a foreign land we visit from time to time to remember what we learned — but it is one we no longer have to take residence in.

Because deep down, your soul knows: sometimes the very things we think will save us are the things we need to be saved from — to pursue something even greater than we ever imagined. They respond to consequences.

After much consideration Mr. Long decided to comply with their requests. His first narrative was confined to the Poosey Ridge area Bradley's Ghost.

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When Running Wolf sees the crashed aircraft, he photographs the corpses of the eighty-seven souls When Running Wolf sees the crashed aircraft, he photographs the corpses of the eighty-seven souls as they disappear, and the images bring to light the discovery of a diabolic deed. The National Transportation Safety Board quickly determines this is beyond Cosmic Misfits.

Ryan Bettencourt has an enviable life. Happily married with two great kids and a successful Happily married with two great kids and a successful and profitable career he loves, the world is at his feet. But one evening, while driving home, something extraordinary changes everything.

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His ordinary life takes Forbidden And Unholy Speculations. Ancient mysteries and taboos are here revealed, undressed, and denuded. Words and speculations long forbidden Words and speculations long forbidden are freely spoken. The sacred seal of future time is forcibly opened and a new light blooms forth, which pushes the creatures of darkness back The Gentleman Host.