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I love the history I learn here, my twin! Sending caramel hugs. The rain is really coming down right now! Great article about Nebraska. Lots of things to see and do! This day encourages us to think about the times we have been rejected. National Sorry Charlie Day also gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we survived the rejection and what we learned from it. Do you remember Charlie the Tuna? He was often rejected but would keep going with a smile. Charlie never let rejection stop him. Do not let it stop you! A feat not too small. We have no more brew! I beg! We must have a keg!

Friday or bust! Drank Belgians and Pilsners. In January, we celebrated National Popcorn Day. For many people, this chewy caramel popcorn treat is an all-time favorite. Combining popcorn and molasses began in the early s. Caramel was common as well, and with the production of Cracker Jack, the popularity was ever increasing. There are many commercial brands and forms of caramel corn available in grocery stores, cinemas and convenience stores.

There are also specialty brands available in stores, gift catalogs and online. Roy Plunkett. While working in the Chemours Jackson New Jersey lab that April day, Plunkett, along with his assistant, accidentally discovered polytetrafluoroethylene. Chemours registered the Teflon trademark in If Plunket invented Teflon, which was trademarked in , then Marion A. Trozzolo brought from the laboratory into the kitchen.

The Kansas City, Missouri professor had been using the substance to coat his scientific utensils. He later founded Laboratory Plasticware Fabricators. Besides coating metals for cooking, it is also used to protect fabrics, to reduce friction in the aerospace industry and helps to increase production and reduce contamination in pharmaceuticals. This is an official national observation. National Tartan Day honors all the Scottish heritage that flows through this nation.

From its earliest beginnings, Americans with Scottish ancestry endeavored for that freedom as much as any American. It might be surprising to know that of the 13 governors in the newly established United States; nine were Scots. There are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Some scholars suggest nearly a third of those signers were of Scottish descent.

Those with Tartan blood were and are independent and resourceful. They are prolific inventors and writers. They are talented musicians and artist, experienced leaders and scholars. That makes them the 8th largest ethnic group in the United States. Bush on April 4, This day honors all children and encourages us to develop loving, respectful relationships with our children. This day focuses on the prevention of child abuse and violence against children as well bringing awareness and helping put in place support tools and resources for communities.

More sticky fingers, but worth it. I hope you guys were as surprised as I was about the the lighthouses, castle and waterfalls in Nebraska? My jaw dropped. I wondered about those lighthouses too. Sorry Charlie! Two of my favorite things today Sending caramel popcorn hugs. Good thing I have some Teflon gloves to send them off without sticking to me! I love caramel popcorn and love anything to do with Scotland!

What a beautiful country! Love my children too and know that loving children from the start leads to a better world. Love most children really. National Beer Day! Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale. It is recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall. On April 7, , President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.

Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years. April 7th was chosen because the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law and became active on this day. From this page, they invited friends to join, and word has spread to many sources that April 7 is National Beer Day. Coffee cake is a cake that is intended to be eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee. The coffee cake itself does not contain any coffee. They are usually single layer cakes made in square, rectangle or ring-shaped pans. Coffee cakes are often flavored with cinnamon or other spices, seeds, nuts and fruits, such as blueberries or apples.

Typically they have a crumb topping or a glaze drizzle. On April 7th, do absolutely no sweeping, dusting, laundry, dishes and all the other items that fall into the housework category. Catch up on a book, have coffee with friends or anything else that you enjoy. Take a moment to look at the women around us. Neighbors, shopkeepers, sisters, even strangers. By lifting each other up, we help to mend the past and make a better future for our children.

This event is set to not only celebrate their new national day but also empower everyone who comes through the door. They will be giving away scholarships, the Diamond Flower Award, all while addressing many areas that affect everyday life. With over 30 vendors and keynote speaker, Stephan Speaks, this is not an event you want to miss. Get your tickets at girlmetoo. Symonia Montgomery, the creator of the Girl, Me Too movement, founded National Girl, Me Too Day to help encourage women to bond together in support of each other and first celebrated the day on April 7, This experience sparked a multifaceted movement that seeks to change the way we as a female gender respond to certain situations as well as how we interact with one another.

We are dedicated to helping our sisters heal from the pain of the past while providing the tools needed to empower the future. Poetry has been a very powerful vessel in our growth, allowing women from all walks of life to come together in the arts, mentoring, public speaking and education to give a voice to our situations. Each time you hear Girl, Me Too you know that you are not alone. This awareness will birth empowerment and unity across a nation. Whether its baked goods, beauty products or woodcraft, quilts, toys or artwork, those who create handmade gifts do so with an eye toward craftsmanship.

Some carry on traditions from one generation to the next and others transfer skills learned in a trade making it an art form. From artisans to craftsman, tinkerers and those with eclectic style who create beautiful, functional works of art and scrumptious delights, each shares a bit of their passion. For anyone who has ever received a handmade gift, we delight in these one-of-a-kind treasures.

Baked goods, bath and skin products are savored. Pottery, jewelry and other designs become heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation, gathering history wherever they go. We marvel at each stitch in a quilt or notch in a carving, the care taken to make just the right cut or to pair scents or colors. Custom pieces carry even more meaning.

From inspiration to finished piece, those who have a passion for handmade crafts delight in their projects. From Scratch Farm founded National Handmade Day to celebrate all the passion handmade businesses put into making their products and running their businesses. Visit their website or follow them on their social media channels.

Geologists Day! Geologists study the history, structure, and impact of other processes on the earth. Their discoveries and research play an essential role in our daily lives. Geology blends well with other sciences such as chemistry and physics. In fact, they are necessary for agriculture, architecture and weather prediction. Those who pursue a geology degree open up a wide range of careers. From oceanography to NASA, education, government, and research, geology offers a worldview to applicants.

Hobbyists and enthusiasts have a place in geology, too. Even amateur geologists contribute to the science from time to time. Hello, Ef21! I was so excited and happy to see you had popped in, and then I read your post. His job has taken him on many trips around the world, and whenever we get together, I love hearing about his travels.

Hi Corgi Mom!! So great to be back and thatbyou are back! This thread is so much easier to load, yay! My typing takes time to load in, but at least I can participate! I don't drink much beer, but Inammsure beer lovers are celebrating! Always here to support each other everyday and I love coffee cake!

GM, maybe I should bake one today and celebrate handmade day! I'm so jealous of your sunshine! We are having lots of rain this weekend. Beginning yesterday afternoon, we were put under a flood watch, which doesn't expire until Monday afternoon. From inches of rain is expected! It had rained here every day last week, and for the foreseeable future, it's supposed to rain daily, but we have had such a good soaking this weekend.

I wasn't prepared for the amount, but luckily our property is safe. We are not in the flood plain. A lot of our town is though, so I hope we don't actually flood. I also hope we don't forget what the sunshine looks like! All the natural wonders of the world are there for all to enjoy. Become aware of all of the beauty in your surroundings. All of these spectacular gifts we have been given are shared by all. All that we have is a blessing, and our lives are a blessing. Some people also look at it as a day to share all that you have.

The greatest times and the greatest things in life are those that are shared. This would be a perfect day to visit a zoo and be one of the millions of people who visit them each year. Enjoy seeing your favorite animals swinging from the trees or splashing in the water and have a fun-filled day. Empanadas are a stuffed bread or pastry that is baked or fried. The name empanada comes from the Galician, Portuguese and Spanish verb em pandar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. Empanadas are made by folding the dough or bread around a seasoned stuffing.

The filling usually is made from meat, cheese, vegetables or fruits but may be made with other ingredients. A cookbook published in in Catalan, the Libre del Coch by Ruperto de Nola, mentions empanadas filled with seafood. They are a half-circle flaky crust filled with seasoned pork, beef or chicken, and cheese. In New Mexico, it is a winter tradition to make sweetmeat empanadas for Christmas.

They are made with ground pork, sugar, pinon nuts, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, sealed in a tortilla-like dough and then deep fried in lard. I love zoos, especially the ones with the huge aquariums. I think I would like to go through one of those water tunnels they have now. Empanadas sound good, maybe a fruit filled one or a meat and cheese one. Flood watch, not good. You stay safe my twin. Where I live we take just the word flood seriously. We almost lost our new home of six months to a flood in Hi both! Oh CorgiMom stay dry and safe! We are getting rain tonight, but I hope it doesn't stay for long!

It's been such a great sunny weekend and that is certainly not always the case! I hope you get some sun soon! Nature is healing! And it's good to be reminded of what we all have as opposed to what we don't have. What a great time of year for All is Ours Day! Lots of things are blooming or just about to, and the cherry trees are really covered in blossoms this year! Love trips to the zoo! The aquarium even holds sleepovers in the tunnel, mostly for kids, but adult chaperones are welcome too! Antiques are often cherished because of their personal and emotional connections.

Often a colorful story tells how it came into the family making it even more valuable as an heirloom. National Cherish an Antique Day also recognizes the quality and uniqueness of the items that were made by hand rather than by machine. To celebrate, you are allowed to give yourself a new name for one day. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a different name, this would be the day to find out. If you like your name and do not want to play along, you can try a nickname instead. The nickname might just stick with you. Churchill was not present at the ceremony, but his son and grandson were able to attend.

Honorary though his citizenship may be, Churchill can uniquely trace his roots back to Virginia by way of Brooklyn, New York. His mother was American, Jennie Jerome. It was the first occasion in U. It has only been given seven other times since, and of those, six have been posthumous honors. In , the U. Quite the rare honor, even for a man who had received many honors throughout his lifetime.

Adorned with an almond, their delicious almond flavor, and slightly crunchy texture are sure to make you smile. Our research was unable to find any information on the origin of the Chinese almond cookie. On this day in , the largest number of U. Forces were captured by Japanese troops in the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. After battling through extreme conditions and prolonged battles, the captured troops were forced to march 65 miles to the prison camp.

Without medical attention, food or water thousands died. The mistreatment continued for those who survived the brutal journey. In the compounds, deep in the unfamiliar jungle, the hardships, brutality, and suffering lasted more than two years for those who could survive.

Many POWs endure conditions much like this. These heroes deserve a day of recognition. An annual presidential proclamation is signed for National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day and government officials, veterans, civic and private organizations observe the day with ceremonies and events. This day is designated to honor all library staff and the valuable contributions that they make.

Today as always, library workers are masters of research. They can find the obscure quote to help you correctly annotate your research paper. Often, libraries are the keeper of local history. Libraries are the champions of our youth. Despite all libraries and their employees provide to their communities their budgets and salaries continue to shrink. This day is designed to bring awareness to this continuing trend. National Library Workers Day was first celebrated in It was started as a way to raise support for better benefits and salaries at a time when they had been stagnant for years.

National Library Workers Day continues to promote increased benefits and wages for the services provided by library workers every day. I cherish all my antiques every day, some were hard to come by. My sister keeps trying to get me to let go of the very first piece I bought, to put in her collection. My real name is just fine, I'm use to it now. I can't imagine what P. They deserve so much more than just a day of recognition, a whole life time would never be enough. Thank you to the only librarian I know my twin. Can you imagine a library without someone to keep it in order.

It hit 76 degrees here today. But I think their calling for rain. I wish we could bottle the rain and keep it until it's needed. Almost 80 degrees here today and then tonight it Was back down to 60! But spring has spring! Good morning, everybody? Our propert is still safe, but there are quite a few roads closed in my town, and properties along the Willamette River between my town and the next are flooded and farm animals have been moved to higher ground. We will see how far I can get! I treasure my antiques, too. The others were from my grandmothers, and those I cherish the most.

Some are over years old, and one in particular a 2 ft. I think that vase can be traced back to about I agree with my twin I also love libraries! No need to confuse myself more than I already do! Oh, I love all the different discussions here - I often learn something new! MDbugs - I have a very old vanity with a lovely 3-part mirror, but the glass is horribly foggy.

Nothing seems to clear it up. Now I feel much differently about it! Encourage them to pursue their goals and develop their writing skills.

A journal provides a place for daily writing. From short poems to inspired essays, this is a place young writers can feel free to stretch their wings unjudged. These random bits of inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources but often generate unexpected results. Prompts are available all over the web, as well as in books and apps. The more they read, their experience with writing and writers will expand.

Changing perspective will keep their writing fresh, allowing them an opportunity to find their personal style. They are sometimes our best friends or our worst enemies. At times, siblings will provide us with our biggest competition, strongest encouragement and remind us of our most embarrassing moments. After losing her two siblings early in life in separate accidents, she knew how important siblings could be in our lives.

Crescent roll dough filled with sugar, cinnamon and butter then rolled, shaped and baked to a golden brown deliciousness. While you enjoy eating your crescent roll, remember that cinnamon is a good source of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium. For more information regarding National Farm Animals Day, visit www.

For more than years bookmobiles have brought a library to those that otherwise may not have access to one. Bookmobiles are mobile libraries designed to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood. They hold a variety of books, periodicals and usually run on a schedule. Many have computer access and check out books much like a local library. Books can be returned on the next scheduled stop or at the associated library. For more information, you may visit the American Library Association website. Dropping these themes off, I found something last night to add to the next state day.

But save me a Cinnamon Crescent. Meant to comment yesterday! CorgiMom, so glad it stopped raining your way! Sunny here again today! So happy! It's usually gray or rainy! I like anything to do with books, but my favorite is the cinnamon crescent rolls! Oh I want one now!!!! Thank you all, for being so welcoming! CorgiMom - I noticed your flood photos of the Willamette river.

How awful! What a beautiful state! Hubby and I both thought we could move there in an instant Nature may be capricious, but she has certainly blessed Oregon with an abundance of beauty to compensate for the wild swings in weather. I should have thanked you before now, for posting them.

What fun! But I do have a big pile of books in every room of the house! MD, how exciting you got to live in Denmark and bring back such a wonderful piece of antique furniture! Today is filled with all kinds of good themes! Here are some flood pictures from my town and the one next door. The highway is closed there because of flooding.

All of my doctors except one are there, and I have an appointment there tomorrow morning. Hello again, Lila! One of the things I love about it here is the weather Autumn is actually my favorite season, with winter a close second place. We have had trouble with forest fires the last couple of summers, so I know how valuable it is to get good rainfall amounts.

Today we have mph winds. Hi everyone! A mid-way check-in! I've only been to Oregon once, but it was so beautiful! Waterfalls so close to Portland abs beautiful wineries! I also like Fall and winter and spring! But not summer I wilt! Can't wait to go back to my book tonight! I love following bookstagrammers to learn about new books! So sorry, MD. I knew it was Norway, but I already had Denmark on my brain because of something else.


Hello, Ef! We do have beautiful waterfalls and a variety of wineries. I'm so glad you have been able to visit Oregon, too! Thankfully, I'm safe I'm not in the flood area, but traffic is horrible around town because of a major route closed due to flooding on the highway between us and the next town. Because of where our two towns are located, locally, there are only two ways to and from each town, both ways requiring bridges.

There are other ways to get to either town, but that requires going miles out of the way, switching over to different freeways or highways, and then heading back in the directions you want to go. Thankfully, I don't have to go out today! Totally understand your situation. Love it as it rolls along, Hate it when it's too much and nature decides to bless us with big thunderboomers. Not a good thing to be in a city under sea level.

Barbershop quartets are a style of a cappella or unaccompanied vocal music. Their music features songs with understandable lyrics and easily singable melodies. Between and barbershop music found its popularity. In the s, it began to fade into obscurity. However, the barbershop quartet saw a revival when the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America was founded.

Each April 11th honors this day as people across the nation celebrate National Submarine Day. The first known U. The Alligator was active during the American Civil War. However, the United States Navy did not exist when theTurtle was operational. Popular from the mids through the early s, eight track tapes are a magnetic tape sound recording technology. It was in September of that Ford Motor Company introduced factory installed and dealer installed eight track tape players as an option to buyers on three of its models, the Thunderbird, Mustang and Lincoln.

Through the s optional eight track players were available in many cars and trucks. Eight track cartridges were phased out in the retail stores in the United States by late Some titles were still available as eight track tapes through various mail order clubs until late Many of the late period eight track tape releases are highly collectible today.

While loving our pets is something we do every day, National Pet Day encourages us to pay special attention to pets who may not get that extra attention. Helping out orphaned pet companions will improve their health and improve their opportunities for adoption. Making sure their forever furry friends are receiving the best of care will help relieve stress and worry.

More information on National Pet Day can be found at www. Bread is then dipped from long-stemmed forks into the cheese. Cheese fondue consists of a blend of cheeses, wine and seasoning. It calls for grated or cut up cheese to be melted with wine and for the bread to be dipped in it. The success of fondue may be contributed to the introduction of cornstarch to Switzerland in , which made it easier to make a smooth and stable emulsion of the wine and cheese. Support Teen Literature Day also seeks to showcase some award-winning authors and books in the genre as well as highlight librarians expertise in connecting teens with books and other reading materials.

By bringing an opportunity for education, referrals and treatment to those with alcohol dependency issues, screening is a large part of the outreach program. Screening centers will be located at colleges, military installations, designated business and selected government agencies. Tomorrow is a state day and it's a super long one. I think I might have went overboard on things to do. I finally had to shut off the water on the waterfalls. I remember 8-track tapes. More books for teens.

I've noticed more authors are writing teen books. Hopefully the teens are reading them instead of always playing video games. My twin give Bixby a tummy rub from me for pet day. I know how he loves his tummy rubs. And give Gilbert one too. If he will hold still long enough. All that puppy energy it makes it impossible to hold still that long sometimes. Maybe a wubba toss would be better for him. Congratulations again on your , my twin! Bixby is now an expert at them I also love cheese and chocolate fondue. Happy Submarine Day to the Navy! I have never owned an eight track tape, but I did find the information about them interesting.

Thank you, Storm! Sending cheesy hugs under the umbrella! In honor of Pet Day, Gilbert and Bixby got a cheese sprinkling over their breakfasts this morning while my hubby was making his scrambled eggs. On the afternoon of April 12, , the Mount Washington Observatory recorded winds at miles per hour. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6, ft, and it is the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River.

This day was created to celebrate black licorice, its history, health benefits and world renown. Black licorice comes in twists, stem shaped candies, licorice ropes, jelly beans, jewels and many others. Licorice International founded National Licorice Day in Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are among one of the top comfort foods in the United States. According to food historians, cooked bread and cheese is an ancient food, enjoyed across the world in many cultures.

The United States modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated in the s when inexpensive sliced bread and American cheese became easily available. Originally it was made as an open-faced sandwich. Grilled cheese sandwiches are versatile with the ability to mix and match cheeses, bread, and seasonings. Adding sauteed vegetables or herb-infused oils can elevate this simple comfort food to a whole other level. Participating students take a day-long vow of silence.

As part of a class assignment on non-violent protests, University of Virginia students organized the first Day of Silence in Since then, National Day of Silence has been observed each year in April. Students are encouraged to gain permission from their school before organizing an event for National Day of Silence. Bankers across the country volunteer every year to teach children to save. Developing these habits at a young age creates a foundation for a lifetime of saving. It is the 8th most extensive and 21st most populous U.

Denver is the capital and most populous city of Colorado. Residents of the state are known as Coloradans. It's Lowest point is Arikaree River at the Kansas border at 3, ft m. Colorado is notable for its diverse geography, which includes alpine mountains, high plains, deserts with huge sand dunes, and deep canyons. Colorado is the only U. The summit of Mount Elbert at 14, feet 4, A little less than half of Colorado is flat and rolling land.

Eastern Colorado is presently mainly farmland and rangeland, along with small farming villages and towns. Corn, wheat, hay, soybeans, and oats are all typical crops. The Rocky Mountains within Colorado contain 53 peaks that are 14, feet 4, m or higher in elevation above sea level, known as fourteeners. The climate of Colorado is more complex than states outside of the Mountain States region. Unlike most other states, southern Colorado is not always warmer than northern Colorado. Most of Colorado is made up of mountains, foothills, high plains, and desert lands.

Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate. As a general rule, with an increase in elevation comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. Northeast, east, and southeast Colorado are mostly the high plains, while Northern Colorado is a mix of high plains, foothills, and mountains. Northwest and west Colorado are predominantly mountainous, with some desert lands mixed in. Southwest and southern Colorado are a complex mixture of desert and mountain areas.

Despite its mountainous terrain, Colorado is relatively quiet seismically. National Earthquake Information Center is located in Golden. On August 22, , a 5. It was the second-largest earthquake in Colorado's history. A magnitude 5. Colorado has recorded earthquakes since , a majority of which range 2 to 3. The region that is today the state of Colorado has been inhabited by Native Americans for more than 13, years. In , Zebulon Pike led a U. Army reconnaissance expedition into the disputed region. Colonel Pike and his men were arrested by Spanish cavalrymen in the San Luis Valley the following February, taken to Chihuahua, and expelled from Mexico the following July.

On February 28, , outgoing U. On September 14, , James Huff discovered silver near Argentine Pass, the first of many silver strikes. In , the Union Pacific Railroad laid its tracks west to Weir, now Julesburg, in the northeast corner of the Territory. The Denver Pacific Railway reached Denver in June the following year, and the Kansas Pacific arrived two months later to forge the second line across the continent.

In , rich veins of silver were discovered in the San Juan Mountains on the Ute Indian reservation in southwestern Colorado. The Ute people were removed from the San Juans the following year. The United States Congress passed an enabling act on March 3, , specifying the requirements for the Territory of Colorado to become a state. President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting Colorado to the Union as the 38th state and earning it the moniker "Centennial State".

The discovery of a major silver lode near Leadville in triggered the Colorado Silver Boom. In gold was struck at Cripple Creek. Colorado women were granted the right to vote beginning on November 7, , making Colorado the second state to grant universal suffrage and the first one by a popular vote of Colorado men. Three warships of the U. Navy have been named the USS Colorado. Colorado has five major professional sports leagues, all based in the Denver metropolitan area.

Colorado is the least populous state with a franchise in each of the major professional sports leagues. A number of nationally known brand names have originated in Colorado factories and laboratories. From Denver came the forerunner of telecommunications giant Qwest in , Samsonite luggage in , Gates belts and hoses in , and Russell Stover Candies in Kuner canned vegetables began in Brighton in Holly Sugar was first milled from beets in Holly in , and later moved its headquarters to Colorado Springs.

Estes model rockets were launched in Penrose in Fort Collins has been the home of Woodward Governor Company's motor controllers governors since , and Waterpik dental water jets and showerheads since Celestial Seasonings herbal teas have been made in Boulder since Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory made its first candy in Durango in Colorado has significant hydrocarbon resources. According to the Energy Information Administration, Colorado hosts seven of the Nation's largest natural gas fields, and two of its largest oil fields.

Uranium mining in Colorado goes back to and not counting byproduct uranium from phosphate, Colorado is considered to have the third-largest uranium reserves of any U. Colorado is currently the home of seven major military bases and installations. Colorado is home to 4 national parks, 8 national monuments, 2 national recreation areas, 2 national historic sites, 3 national historic trails, a national scenic trail, 11 national forests, 2 national grasslands, 42 national wilderness areas, 2 national conservation areas, 8 national wildlife refuges, 44 state parks, state wildlife areas, and numerous other scenic, historic, and recreational areas.

Things to do in Colorado! I got started on those waterfalls and had to force myself to stop. There's at least 80 more falls that I found. Unfortunately most of them the pics could not be copied. But some of them are well worth a look, their amazing. I know would have a hard time picking a favorite waterfall. And definitely a trip to Garden of the Gods and Rattlesnake Canyon. If anyone would like the list of other waterfalls I have it.

We hit 80 degrees today. But are expecting thundstorms tonight. I hope we have no flooding like what my twin had. I really enjoyed all the Colorado information. I have family that live just outside of Denver uncle, aunt, and cousins and have stayed with them on visits. If I could live anywhere else, Colorado would be my choice. Thank you for the list of places to go and see.

Awesome job on this post, my twin! I truely appreciate it. We had a big wind on Wed. The amateur artist and unemployed architect developed the word game in the midst of the depression. Scrabble is played with two to four players who score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15 x 15 grid. Scrabble is sold in countries with 29 different language versions. Worldwide, over One hundred and fifty million sets have been sold with sets being found in nearly one-third of American homes. This day honors the birth of the third President of The United States, who was born on April 13, Most known as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was a stalwart of democracy.

While not much an orator, he wrote correspondence, documents, journals and manuscripts. Those who write, tend to read. Jefferson had a vast library of 6, volumes. Jefferson was not only a lawyer but a scientist of agriculture, paleontology, and astronomy. Immensely curious, he kept detailed records of the weather and eventually established weather observers across his home state of Virginia. Four years later the same fault in the document caused a tie within the same party between Aaron Burr and Jefferson with Jefferson assuming the Presidency.

Roosevelt proclaimed April 13 as a day to celebrate the birth of Thomas Jefferson. Bush commemorated the same day at Thomas Jefferson Day. It recognizes a delicious dessert that originated during the 19th century. Unable to make traditional suet puddings due to lack of suitable ingredients and cooking equipment, the settlers instead covered a stewed filling with a layer of uncooked plain biscuits or dumplings, fitted together.

When the dish is fully cooked, the surface has the appearance of a cobbled street. Some cobbler recipes resemble a thick-crusted, deep-dish pie with both top and bottom crust. It consisted of: 90 lbs of butter, lbs of sugar, lbs of flour, 32 gallons of milk, and 75 gallons of peaches. From vinyl to digital and back to vinyl again, the brick and mortar store celebrates a love of not just the music, but the art of jacket covers, words and style.

Through a variety of events, record stores across the country and the world hold one day events and promotions. Founded in by a gathering of independent record store owners, the first National Record Store Day included Metallica meeting fans at Rasputin Music in San Fransico. Since then, the celebration has spread globally encompassing all genres of music and fandom. Back reading and realized I forgot to send Bixby his grilled cheese, sorry boy that your aunt forgot so I'm sending you two of them. The thunderstorms missed us for the most part and no 80 degrees today either.

We barely hit 70 with gusting winds. We've had the window open beginning of the week, now we may have to have the heat back on. I'm glad you all like the info on Colorado because there was so much more to choose from. And the waterfalls I wish I could have put pics of them all on here because there was so many more amazing ones. I think my favorite one would have to be the double one with the power plant at the top.

We actually had a day with sunshine yesterday. There was even quite a bit of blue sky. The break in the rain has helped a lot of the water to recede, and the highway is partially open again. There is lots of debris in the road, and where the flooding was at its worst, the shoulder of the road is damaged. Work crews are expected to work through next week doing repairs. Traffic is still a nightmare in both towns, but if everyone stays patient, it flows.

Thomas Jefferson certainly had a love for books and learning. That building itself is called the Thomas Jefferson Building, and its interior is stunningly beautiful. Whether you want to grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, houseplants, or anything in between, National Gardening Day is a day to start. Growing your own food also lets you provide fresh and natural nourishment for your family for a fraction of grocery store prices. National Gardening Day is a call to action to get out and grow flower or vegetable gardens regardless of whether you plant in the ground, in containers, in straw bales or a square foot gardening box.

Cool Springs Press, an imprint of The Quarto Group, founded National Gardening Day to celebrate gardening and to encourage home gardeners and students to learn more about how to garden. Cool Springs Press, an Imprint of The Quarto Group, is a leading publisher of step-by-step how-to books for both DIY gardening and home improvement, including books on Many different gardening methods. We can reach for our dreams or our goals. Reach for the stars or the sky. We can even reach for the balloon floating away from us much like the one that carried the Wizard of Oz away from Dorothy.

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  • The Straits of Galahesh (The Lays of Anuskaya Book 2).
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Of course, records can be set for the oldest or the youngest to reach a particular location, age, height or status. While this day may not be about setting records, it is certainly about reaching high; higher than we think we can. We often become complacent. National Reach as High as You Can Day is just a reminder on the calendar not to let your dreams go adrift. Reach for them. Reach as high as you can! Blane first developed the concept of an International Conference for the Western Hemisphere.

It took nearly a decade, but in October of , the conference began. Held in Washington, D. The question has been asked why would one want to celebrate their Ex? We are not sure there is an answer to that question. For a wide variety of reasons, sometimes marriages just do not work out. Recent statistics show that the divorce rate for first marriages is at 50 percent.

Some people find that they get along better after a divorce than they did during the marriage. Unfortunately, all divorces do not turn out that friendly and the experience can be painful and traumatic. Regardless if it is a friendly separation or not, there needs to be a way to manage the situation when children are involved. Dolphins are cetacean mammals that are related to whales and porpoises. Ranging in size from 4 ft. Found worldwide, they prefer the shallower seas of the continental shelves. As carnivores, their diet consists of mostly fish and squid.

Male dolphins are called bulls, females are called cow's, the young dolphins are calves and a group of dolphins are called a school or pod. Dolphins are known to have acute eyesight both in and out of the water along with having a well-developed sense of touch, with free nerve endings densely packed in the skin. They can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of what adult humans can and are capable of making a broad range of sounds using nasal air sacs located just below the blowhole.

Living in pods of up to a dozen dolphins, they are highly social animals. Pods do merge in areas where there is an abundance of food, forming superpods, which may exceed 1, dolphins. Dolphins can, and do, establish strong bonds within their pods and will stay with injured or ill individuals, even helping them to breathe by bringing them to the surface if needed.

The Artist's Wife : A petite comedy in two acts, by G. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. By Hubert Lille, Esq. Lille, Hubert author. As Once in May : A comedy in one act. Hartley Manners. Manners, J[ohn] Hartley author. Shakespeare, William author. Ashby Manor : A play in two acts. By William Allingham. Allingham, William author. Item Specific Details:grey wrapper, signed by author to Clara Spence. Ashore and Afloat : A nautical drama in three acts. Hazlewood, C[olin] H[enry] author. Assault and Battery : A comedietta in one act. By Eille Norwood.

Norwood, Eille author. At Sixes and Sevens : An original comedietta in one act. By John Maddison Morton. Morton, John Maddison author. By Francis Talfourd, Esq. Maddison Morton Morton, J[ohn] Maddison author. An Atrocious Criminal : A farce in one act. Palgrave Simpson. Aubrey Closes the Door : A play in one act. By Cosmo Hamilton. Hamilton, Cosmo author. Auld Acquaintance : A comedy-drama in one act, by Joseph J.

Dilley, Joseph J. Aunt Charlotte's Maid : A farce in one act, by J. Morton, Esq. Morton, J[ohn] M[addison] author. Aunt Dinah's Pledge : A temperance moral drama in two acts. By Harry Seymour. Dramatized by permission of the National Temperance Society. Seymour, Harry author. The music by G. Haines, John Thomas author. Item Specific Details:tan wrapper. Harris, A[ugustus Glossop, Sr. Awaking : A drama in one act. By Campbell Clarke Altered and adapted from the French of MM. Sandeau and Decourcelle. Clarke, Campbell author. Away With Melancholy : A farce in one act.

The Babes in the Wood : An original comedy in three acts. By Tom Taylor, Esq. Taylor, Tom author. A Bachelor of Arts : A comic drama in two acts. Written by Pelham Hardwicke. Hardwicke, Pelham author. Written by Charles Mathews, Esq. Mathews, Charles author. Bachelor's Buttons!

A Backward Child : A duologue by H. Childe Pemberton. Pemberton, H[arriet] L[ouisa] Childe author. Bad Advice : A comedy in three acts. Adapted from the French, by Horace W. Fuller, Horace W. The Bailiff : A domestic comedy in one act. By Fred. Broughton, Fred[eric] W[illiam] author. The Balance of Comfort : An original petite comedy in one act. By Bayle Bernard. Bernard, [William] Bayle author. Bamboozling : A farce in one act. By William Rogers, comedian. Rogers, William author. Item Specific Details:cream wrapper.

Contains minor production notations. Barark Johnson; or, The Blind Witness! By William Reeve, Esq. Reeve, William author. Barbara : Play in one act. Jerome, Jerome K[lapka] author. Barbarossa : A tragedy in five acts. By Dr. Brown, Dr. First acted in London, December, Item Specific Details:no publisher wrapper. Protective wrapper added by previous owner: Wm. Lemoyne, Philadelphia. Barnaby Rudge : A domestic drama in three acts. By Charles Selby and Charles Melville. Selby, Charles and Melville, Charles author. Protective wrapper added by previous owner: J. Barney, The Baron : A farce in one act.

Previous owners: John Dillon and C. Lennox Horne. Horne, F[rederick] Lennox author. Item Specific Details:light orange wrapper. Front cover title: "Rustic Prima Donna". The Baron's Wager : An original comedietta in one act. By Sir Charles L. Young, Bart. Young, Charles L[awrence] author. The Barrack Room : A musical burletta in two acts.

By Thomas Haynes Bayly. Bayly, Thomas Haynes author. The Bashful Man! Moncrieff, W[illiam] T[homas] author. Bathing : A farce in one act. By James Bruton, Esq. Bruton, James author. By James Bruton. Farley, Charles author. By George Almar, Esq. Almar, George author. The Battle of Waterloo : A grand military melo-drama, in three acts. Amherst, J. H author. Buckstone, J[ohn] B[aldwin] author. Buckstone, Esq. Bearding the Lion : A comedietta in one act.

By Charles S. Fawcett, Charles S. Beautiful For Ever : A farce in one act. By Frederick Hay. Hay, Frederick author. Beauty and the Beast : A fairy extravaganza. By Miss E. Keating, E[liza] H. Beauty and the Beast : A fairy extravaganza in two acts. Beauty or the Beast : An original farce in one act. By John Oxenford, Esq. Bed of Roses : A comedy in one act. By Henry A. Jones, Henry A[rthur] author. By George Dibdin Pitt. Pitt, George Dibdin author. Behind a Mask : A comedy in three acts. By Bernard H. Dixon and Arthur Wood. Dixon, Bernard H. Behind the Curtain : A drama in four acts.

By George Roberts. Behind Time : A farce in one act. Webster, Jun. Webster, B[enjamin] author. The Bell Ringer of St. Townsend, Thompson author. The Belle's Stratagem : A comedy in five acts, by Mrs. Hannah Cowley. Cowley, Hannah [ Parkhouse ] author. The Bells : A drama in three acts. Erckmann Chatrain. Lewis, Leopold author. Henry Irving, under the direction of Mr. Henry E. Adapted from the "Polish Jew," a dramatic study by M.

By Leopold Lewis. Item Specific Details:light blue wrapper. Text block dated , but has a later date on the front cover. Belphegor : A new and original acrobatic, dramatic, epigrammatic, and decidedly un-aristocratic burlesque, by Leicester Buckingham. Buckingham, Leicester [Silk] author. Belphegor, the Mountebank; or, Woman's Constancy : A drama in three acts.

By Charles Webb, Esq. Webb, Charles author. Contains production notations from un-named owner. Ben the Boatswain; or, Sailor's Sweethearts : A nautical drama in three acts. Wilks, Esq. Wilks, T[homas] E[gerton] author. The Bengal Tiger : A farce in one act. Bertram : A tragedy in five acts. By Rev. Charles Maturin. Maturin, Charles author. The Best Way : A petite comedy in one act.

By Horace Wigan. Wigan, Horace author. Clarke, Margery Stanley author. Betsy : A comedy in three acts. The Better Half : A comedietta in one act. By Thomas J. Williams, Thomas J[ohn] author. Between the Posts : Comedietta in one act. Hugh Bell. Bell, Florence Eveleen Eleanore Olliffe author.

A Bilious Attack : A farce in one act. By Arthur Wood. Wood, Arthur author. Billing and Cooing : A comedy in two acts. Billy Doo : An original farce in one act. By Charles Marsham Rae. Rae, Charles Marsham author. Binks the Bagman : A farce in one act. Stirling Coyne, Esq. The Bird of Paradise : A farce. Adapted from the French, by Alfred Thompson. Thompson, Alfred author. By Frederick Phillips, comedian. Phillips, Frederick author. The Birthplace of Podgers : An original domestic sketch in one act. By John Hollingshead. Hollingshead, John author. A Bit o' Stuff : Sketch.

By Wilfred T. Coleby, Wilfred T. The Bitter Reckoning : A drama in three acts. The Black Doctor : A drama in four tableaux. By Thomas Archer, comedian. Archer, Thomas author.

Hidden Fortune

The Black Doctor : A drama in five acts. Translated from "Le Docteur Noir" of Messrs. Bridgeman, [John] V[ipon] author. The Black Domino! This is only the wrapper, the text block is missing. By Douglas Jerrold. Jerrold, Douglas [William] author. By Douglas Jerrold, Esq. Photocopy made in , based on mendery request included in copy.

Black Hugh, The Outlaw : A domestic drama in two acts. Rogers, comedian. Rogers, W[illiam] author. Item Specific Details:brown wrapper, with protective wrapper added by previous owner: "J. Collier, William author. By Francis Radcliffe Hoskins. Hoskins, Francis Radcliffe author. Blow for Blow : An original drama in a prologue and three acts. Blow for Blow : A drama in a prologue and three acts. The Blow in the Dark : A comedietta in one act. By Thompson Townsend. Blue Beard : A grand musical, comi-tragical, melo-dramatic, burlesque burletta in one act.

By Messrs J. Bluebeard Re-Paired. The music by J. Offenbach, arranged by J. Bellingham, Henry author. Blue Devils : A comedietta in one act. By George Colman, the Younger. Colman, George, the Younger author. By Edward Stirling, Esq. Board and Residence : A farce in one act. By Conway Edwardes, Esq. By Sam. Beazley, Jun. Beazley, Sam[uel], Jr author. Hodgson, G[eorge] S author. The Bohemians of Paris! Barnett, Esq. Barnett, C[harles] Z[achary] author. Item Specific Details:pink wrapper. The Bohemians of Paris : A romantic drama in three acts.

Adapted from the French. A Bold Stroke for a Husband : A comedy in five acts. Cowley, [Hannah Parkhouse ] author. A Bold Stroke for a Wife : A comedy in five acts. Centlivre, [Susanna Freeman Carroll ] author. Bombastes Furioso : A burlesque tragic opera in one act. By Thomas Barnes Rhodes. Rhodes, Thomas Barnes author. Bona Fide Travellers : A point of law, arising out of the new beer bill. A farce. By William Brough. Brough, William author. The Bonnie Fish Wife : An original musical interlude in one act.

By Charles Selby, comedian. Selby, Charles author. Boots at the Swan : A farce in one act. By Charles Selby. The Boots at the Swan : An original burletta in one act. A Border Marriage : A comic drama in one act. Sorrell, W[illiam] J. Borrowed Feathers : A farce in one act. Millingen, M. Millingen, J[ohn] G[ideon] author. The Bould Soger Boy : A farce in one act. Bow Bells : An original comic drama in three acts, by Henry J.

Box and Cox : A romance of real life in one act. By John Maddison Morton, Esq. Box and Cox Married and Settled : An original farce in one act. Braving the Storm : A farce in one act. By Adelaide Woodruffe. Woodruffe, Adelaide author. Although this is in a wrapper for French's Acting Edition, it is not part of the numbered series. The wrapper has been used to cover a remainder from "Hastings's Acting Plays," bought out by French.

Breaking the Ice : An original comedietta in one act. By Charles Thomas. Thomas, Charles author. Philpotts, Eden author. Reynoldson, T[homas] H. By James Sheridan Knowles, Esq. Knowles, James Sheridan author. The Bridal : A tragedy in five acts. Adapted for representation with three original scenes , written by James Sheridan Knowles, Esq. From the Maid's Tragedy of Beaumont and Fletcher.

As performed by Mr. The Bridal Wreath : A romantic drama in two acts. The Bride of Abydos : A romantic drama in three acts. From Lord Byron's celebrated poem. The Bride of Lammermoor : A drama in five acts. By John William Calcraft. Calcraft, John William author. The Brigand : A romantic drama in two acts. Brigands in the Bud! Mildenhall, Esq. Mildenhall, T[homas] author. The wrapper for this has the play title, author and series number hand-written onto the front cover, rather than printed.

The title page carries the name of Duncombe and Moon. So, this is likely Lacy adding his own wrappers to left-over copies of Duncombe's British Theatre. The Brigands of Calabria : A romantic drama in one act. Meritt, Paul and Henry Pettitt author. The British Legion : A burletta in one act. As performed at the Theatre Royal, St. James's, by Thomas Haynes Bayly, Esq.

Broken Idylls : A comedietta in one act. By Mabel S. Medd, Whitchurch Vicarage, Aylesbury. Medd, Mabel S. Broken Ties : Domestic drama in two acts. Broken Toys : A drama in two acts. By John Daly. Daly, John author. Brother and Sister : A comic operatic drama in one act, by William Dimond. Brother Bill and Me : An original farce in one act. By William E. Suter, Esq. Suter, William E. Reece, R[obert] author. The title on the front cover is "Brown Amongst the Brahmins. Brutus; or, The Fall of Tarquin : An historical tragedy in five acts. By John Howard Payne. Payne, John Howard author.

By Slingsby Lawrence. Lawrence, Slingsby [pseud. The Burmese War : A grand naval and military melo-drama in three acts. Item Specific Details:tannish-orange wrapper. This play was part of Duncombe's New Acting Dramas, but this particular copy is in a Lacy's Acting Edition wrapper, but without a series number on it. The Busy Body : A comedy. Mayhew, Henry and Henry Baylis author. This is in a French's Acting Edition wrapper, but with no series number on it. It is likely a non-serial play from a set purchased by Lacy or French from another publisher.

By Royal Command : A comedy drama in three acts. By This Token : An original comedietta, written by J. Keith Angus. Angus, J. Keith author. The Cabin Boy : A drama in two acts. By Edward Stirling. A Cabinet Question : A comic drama in one act. Caesar, the Watch Dog of the Castle : A romantic drama in two acts. The Calthorpe Case : A new and original drama in four acts. By Arthur Goodrich. Goodrich, Arthur author.

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Calypso, Queen of Ogygia : An original burlesque in one act. By Sheridan Brookes. Brookes, Sheridan author. Camilla's Husband : An original drama in three acts. By Watts Phillips, Esq. Phillips, Watts author. Lemon, Mark author. This copy is not part of French's Acting Edition, but it is put in a wrapper with that on the front, but with no series number.

It appears to have been part of Webster's Acting National Drama. The Cantab : A farce in one act. The Cape Mail : A drama in one act. By Clement Scott. Scott, Clement author. This is bound into the same pamphlet binding with the third copy of "Cape Mail" and a copy of "Barbara.

This is bound into the same pamphlet binding as one of the other copies of "Cape Mail" and a copy of "Barbara. By Jerome K. This is bound into the same pamphlet binding as two copies of "The Cape Mail". A Capital Match! Captain Charlotte : A farce in two acts. Item Specific Details:pinkish-tan wrapper. The front cover of this copy is mistakenly listed as number in Lacy's Acting Edition. The Captain of the Watch : A farce in one act. Captain Smith : A farce in one act. Berrie, E. Captain Stevens : A comic drama in one act.

Captain Swift : A comedy drama in four acts. Haddon Chambers. Chambers, C. Haddon author. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Printed under the authority of the managers from the prompt book.

  • Early Tudor Yorkshire (Blackthorn History of Yorkshire Book 5);
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  • Japanese fairy tales.

With remarks by Mrs. Cibber, Colley author. Carte de Visite : An original farce, or a piece of light photographical writing in one act. Williams, Montagu and F[rancis] C[owley] Burnand author. Casco Bay; or, The Mutineers of : A drama. Adapted to populal [sic] airs. In two acts. By Col. Colomb, F. Colomb, Col. Caste : An original comedy in three acts, by T. Robertson, T[homas] W[illiam] author. Robertson, Esq. A Castle in Spain : A dramatic sketch for two ladies. By Leopold Montague. Montague, Leopold author. The Castle Spectre : A dramatic romance in five acts.

By Matthew Gregory Lewis. Lewis, Matthew Gregory author. Moncrieff, Esq. Catching a Mermaid : An amphibious piece of extravagance in one act. Catching an Heiress : A farce in one act, by Charles Selby, comedian. Catching an Heiress : An original petite comedy in one act. The Catspaw : A comedy in five acts. Caught by the Cuff : An original farce in one act. By Frederic Hay, Esq. By Charles Bolton. Bolton, Charles author.

The Census : A farce in one act. By Thomas Proclus Taylor. Taylor, Thomas Proclus author. Chalk and Cheese : A comedietta in one act. Champagne : A petite comedie. By Frederick Edward Weatherly, B. Moore Weatherly. Weatherly, Frederick Edward and Alfred W. Moore Weatherly author. This copy looks like it could be some sort of a publisher's mock-up or a copy of the play for copy-editing. By William Martin, Esq. Martin, William author. By Horton Bird, Esq. Bird, Horton author. Item Specific Details:brown wrapper. This play does not appear to be part of Lacy's Acting Edition, even though it is in a wrapper for that series.

The title is stamped on the front and there is no series number in the upper left hand corner. Paul, [George Henry] Howard author. Change Partners : An original comedietta in one act. By John Maddison Morton and T. Morton, John Maddison and T. Williams author. Part the Second. Keating, [Eliza H. Part the First. Charity : An entirely original play in four acts. Gilbert, W[illiam] S[chwenck] author. Charles the XII : An historical drama in two acts.

A Charming Pair : A farce in one act. Williams, Esq. The Charming Woman : A comedy in three acts. Charms : A drama in four acts. Cheerful and Musical : Duologue. By Ina Leon Cassilis. Cassilis, Ina Leon author. Written by Frank W. Green, Frank W. Cherry Bounce : A farce in one act. Raymond, R[ichard] J[ohn] author. Chesterfield Thinskin : A farce in one act. Hazlewood, Colin [Henry] author. The Child of the Wreck : A melo-drama in two acts, by J. The Children in the Wood : An opera in two acts. By Thomas Morton, Esq. The Chimney Corner : An original domestic drama in two acts. Craven, H[enry] T[hornton] author.

The Chops of the Channel : An original nautical farce, in one act. By Frederic Hay. Chopstick and Spikins : A farce, by Paul Meritt. Meritt, Paul author. Falconer, Edmund author. Chrystaline; or, The Prince of Crachtzendpotzendtausend. Written by G. Layton, G. M author.

THE TONGUELESS SPARROW (ENGLISH) Animation of Japanese Folktale/Fairytale for Kids

Circumstances Alter Cases : A comedietta in one act. By Isidore G. Ascher, B. Ascher, Isidore G. Civilization : A play in five acts. By John H. Wilkins, John H. The Clandestine Marriage : A comedy in five acts. By George Colman, the Elder. Colman, George, the Elder [and David Garrick] author. The front cover lists the author as Colman the Younger, while the title page lists the author as Colman, the Elder. Item Specific Details:no wrapper.

Carries names of several previous owners: Mrs. Howard, E. Mason, A. Bundy, and Jackson. Clarissa Harlowe : A tragic drama in three acts. Adapted from the French by T. Algernon Bertram Mitford: Books

Lacy and John Courtney. Lacy, T[homas] H[ailes] and John Courtney author. A Clerical Error : A comedy in one act. By Henry Arthur Jones. Jones, Henry Arthur author. Coals of Fire : A comedy drama in three acts. Cockneys in California : A piece of golden opportunity. In one act, by J. Come to Town; or, Next Door Neighbours! Comedy and Tragedy : An original drama in one act.

japanese fairy tales the tongue cut sparrow first series no 2 original scan Manual

The Comedy of Errors : A comedy in five acts. By William Shakespeare. Comfortable Lodgings : A farce. By Richard Brinsley Peake. Peake, Richard Brinsley author. Comfortable Service : An original farce in one act. Bayly, Thomas Haines author. The Compleat Angler : A duologue. By Arthur Scott Craven and J.

Craven, Arthur Scott and J. Beresford author. A Compromising Case : A little comedy in one act.