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Many businesses are upgrading and integrating their wired networks with secure mobile solutions in response, but what security challenges should businesses expect to face in the coming years? How will new high-speed improvements and technologies boost performance while bridging a secure connection between wired and wireless components in a business network? A: The expected explosion in the number of IoT devices has the potential to open business opportunities in new and unexplored areas. Enterprises will soon rely even more heavily on IoT capabilities in their existing framework for large-scale deployment of solutions.

Industries that benefit from mobile communications include automotive and transport companies, city development, utilities, security and surveillance operations, healthcare, retail and even agriculture. IoT offers businesses, consumers, and even first-responders real-time control over their assets, travel routes, and customer service solutions at the push of a button.

LTE Security Architecture

These crucial services will fundamentally impact the world around us. A: With large-scale hacks into companies, such as Facebook and Google, making headlines, there is a need to ensure that the billions of IoT devices are protected.

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Each device that is connected by modules and chipsets exposes vulnerable endpoints that can be exploited by malicious parties. The economic and social benefits of high-speed data transmission in devices, such as smart cars, IoT pacemakers, and body cameras, have yet to be fully realized, and hijacked devices would impede progress in annoying at best and dangerous ways.

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Security challenges facing IoT deployments today include:. Solutions as simple as password protections within an IoT framework can eliminate the ability for backdoor breaches into IoT devices. Running a security assessment for your IoT deployment, finding a provider with an infrastructure that addresses current security risks, and adhering to IoT security guidelines are crucial steps in creating a safe IoT network. As IoT gains in popularity across business networks worldwide, choosing the right components is crucial to securing data.

There are many hardware, software, and business-related factors that affect the safety of data:. Any weak link in this chain could put companies at risk against network cyberthreats and loss of integral data between two office branches.

How Safe Is Surfing on 4G vs. Wi-Fi?

Unsecured networks are easier to tap into. Better cybersecurity clears the path for more robust business solutions.

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Modules are becoming security gateways with multiple purposes in both enterprise networking and growing cellular applications. A: Upgraded Category Cat cabling, secure SIM cards, and advanced modules boost performance while bridging a secure connection between wired and wireless components in a business network. The higher the Cat cabling number, the wider the bandwidth.

With the aid of the latest antenna-based Cat 18 technology, enterprise networks will increase bandwidth across every connected device in the office with increased download speeds of up to 1. Category cabling can easily be set up across legacy hardware architectures and bundled with risk-reducing software.


In the IoT market, establishing a standardized security protocol across connected devices should be the first step for any business or industry looking to protect their digital assets. That last one is particularly concerning.

This laundry list of new LTE vulnerabilities punctuate a long known fact to network security enthusiasts: mobile networks are not secure by default. Not to mention that there are still known issues with 2G and 3G.

LTE wireless connections used by billions aren’t as secure as we thought

This whopping security find has already been reported to all of the appropriate entities. The 51 vulnerabilities are documented by the researchers in this Google Doc. Specifically, because the flow of data to and from your smartphone would be encrypted — an attacker would not be able eavesdrop or manipulate your encrypted LTE traffic because the manipulated data would not be able to be authenticated by your phone or VPN server.

Security Testing 4G (LTE) Networks - Martyn Ruks & Nils