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I like your song. Get out of here right now, you. Some kind of conspiracy is afoot, but how deep does this rabbit hole goooo?

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Hey, man, that's not bad. It's not that great. No, it's good, man. Maybe, though, add some shading around where the head shadows the neck. Make sure it's obvious where the light source is coming from. It'll help give the drawing more volume and depth.

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You're really good at art, man. Could this be the guy? Well, bye. Wait a minute. Banana Guard You sure know a lot about art and stuff. Do you have some art of your own I could look off of and get, um, I don't know, inspiration from? Follow me. In here. I found this walled off area while cleaning one day.

I like to use it as my, my studio, I guess. Maybe this will inspire you. My glob. These are gorgeous. Hey, thanks. Is this why you've been painting outside walls, Banana Guard 16? I just needed more space to express my artistic impulses.

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This stuff is great. You should hang it in a gallery. Princess Bubblegum would hate that. Banana Guards are just supposed to guard. She's take me apart to find out what went wrong. She's nice, dude. Don't you know nothing? She's an unknowable goddess. When the first candy people rose against her, she transformed them into hideous monsters. Her own brother, Neddy, she imprisoned him beneath the great tree. And the rattleball boys? She iced all those guys. She's amazing, and she's flipping scary. But nice. I never show anybody this place.

If they found me out, who knows what dark and terrible fate would await me. But I don't know, man.

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I trust you. We're kindred artistic souls. Got him in his hidey-hole. Good work, Finn. You set me up. Man, banana guarding is rough. One rando genetic mutation, and any one of those dudes would be in the same boat as BG The same boat.

Sorry, man. There you go. Hey, wait. That's not the same Banana Guard 16, step forward. I goofed up.

We make stuff people love.

I think we lost him. I'm Banana Guard Aw, dude. Come on. Punish me. I am ready.

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I am Banana Guard Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not gonna punish you, Banana Guard You're not? Of course not.

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  • Your murals are so beautiful. I want you to paint one in the banquet hall. The princess spared him. She's so merciful. Make way! Merciful princess. Thank you for sparing your lowly servant. No, no, no. I'm just a person.

    I've done things in the past, things I'm not proud of. But today, I'm here to celebrate. Princess I love you. My Banana Guards are so talented. I grew these hi-da-roponically. And I can actually play really good. Um, princess? I don't have a special talent.

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