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They come, and they go, and eventually the joy of life returns. And that exception is brunch. Brunch is like the best of everything — allowing you enough time for beauty sleep yet giving you purpose to wake up and get yourself together while still experiencing the morning glory that is breakfast food. Throw your best friends into the equation, and there is nothing that this mid day meal cannot conquer. And I mean nothing.

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We often forget that these are the people who procreated us, meaning we have the same genetics. As much as it may not seem like it sometimes, they get us. They were us at one point in time.

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They are there to help. And surprisingly, the more we acknowledge this, the more we may realize that they are wayyy cooler than they ever get credit for. Not the kind where you numb yourself via sleep for hours on end. The simple, short, kind.

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Allow yourself to recharge your mind and forget for a little bit. Or cat, or bunny. In fact, studies have shown that the act of petting your dog can release endorphins. Or even coordinated, for that matter. I am certainly not the latter. However, running is simple as long as you put one foot in front of the other and move.

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It allows us to zone out, releases happy hormones and built up adrenaline, and provides us the opportunity to, quite literally, run away from all the bad stuff — if only for a little while. So why not do something good when faced with something bad? Space is cool, life is weird. A majority of our issues are small potatoes, invisible specs on the large scale of this life. Sometimes, we harvest restless, anxious energy inwards — causing us to go insane and just generate more stress. Which brings us to our poetic suggestion that if all else fails try Wales which means the 72, all-seater, retractable-roof Millennium Stadium in the heart of Cardiff as the most likely venue.

Mind you, it would cost a bit to rent, but the IRFU is well aware of that. Croke Park would cost a packet too.

Then there is a possibility of Twickenham and what about the new Wembley which will, by then, open to offers? It is almost as easy and almost as cheap for supporters to travel to Cardiff from, say, Limerick, as to make the rugby weekend to Dublin.


Then there is the huge Irish diaspora on the other side of the Irish Sea. The only really adverse aspect is the loss of millions of euro of business to Dublin's commercial expectations. So, are we all going on a bit much about Croke Park? I think so.

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It is really a private matter for the GAA, if you can consider anything can be private in an organisation with about half a million players of football and hurling, and thousands of officials and voluntary coaches and managers too. Sign Up. The basis of the GAA success, of course, is its inter-county rivalries, 32 counties bound in fierce annual confrontations. It is similar to New Zealand, which despite its population of just over three million, is the strongest rugby-playing nation. It has 27 national - and rugby - regions, comparable to our counties, from Auckland in the north down to Invercargill in the deep south.

Rugby in Ireland is a comparatively minor game with just 15, adults, a total much the same as Scotland's, and the smallest of the major rugby nations.

Google Sync on Blackberry keeps failing - I've tried everything

And if the IRFU doesn't come up with some sort of redress, that number will fall because of the lack of player-strength among the amateur clubs, the basis of the game. Though, the news is that all sports are finding that the old landscape, the spate of willing volunteers, is far from as numerous as before. But, paradoxically, as we progress towards a stadium-less game, as we contemplate England here next week and the specially-elongated red carpet, Irish rugby on an international rating is now the fifth strongest in the world, ahead, would you believe, of England.

And England - in case I have failed to mention it before - has more players than the rest of the top nine put together. And it mightn't last so let's recount the good news. Only asking. Ulster kick off PRO14 season in style with dominant bonus point win over the The power of Rugby World Cup 'It will probably provide a bit of motivation' - Ireland feeling the heat as Rugby World Cup His tough start in blue, the stabbing that changed his life and final red card